Emissions Test Results

One of the most commonly asked questions is: “Will installing TBI, get my car to pass my state’s emissions test?”. I wish there was an easy answer to that question as every state has its own set of emissions rules and criteria. Some states don’t test cars over 20 or 25 years old. Some states require that all emissions components as delivered from the factory be on the car. Some states even vary from county to county with their requirements. In theory, a car running any form of fuel injection that has various components controlled by an ECM should be able to run cleaner than anything with no electronic controls.

I recently had one customer take his car through his state’s emissions test just to see what the results would be. It should have been a simple process but it ended up being a test of wills between the test station and the State’s program. The people at the test station wanted to do the test but the State’s program had other ideas. They ended up testing his car in training mode as a 1984 Triumph TR6 and against 1984 criteria. His car should be tested against 1975 criteria which is his model year. The bottom line is he easily passed when compared to 1975 standards. You can see the complete test for his car here………

Emissions Tested

1975 Standards - grams/mile

1984 Standards - parts/million

1975 TBI TR6


0.41 GPM

208 PPM

116 PPM


3.4 %




0.4 GPM

1458 PPM

790 PPM