Creating a DATALOG file

NOTE: WinALDL will run on computers with Windows 7 or older and it should be loaded into the Documents Folder otherwise it cannot save DataLogs. 

 WinALDL will run on Windows 10. It also should be installed into the Documents folder rather than the Programs folder otherwise it will not save logs

You can change the folder during installation by saying NO to the system folder and navigating to the Documents Folder and allowing a new WInALDL folder to be created there.

Use WinALDL version “f” (earlier version “e” only shows ports 1-4). The port number may vary from computer to computer but usually is 1 or 3 however you may need to try other ports. Key on, cable connected. When you locate the active port you will see “OK” and data will start showing up in the WinALDL home screen under “Sensors”.

If you used WinALDL to set your TPS parameters, you’re already familiar with how to set up and run part of the program. In this section we’ll show you how to create a datalog as you drive.

A datalog file is a record of events collected over a period of time. For instance you can monitor engine temperature, RPM, battery voltage, etc. For our use it’s recommended that you record fifteen to twenty minutes of typical driving that includes city, country, and highway speeds. If you are experiencing difficulties and the car is not drivable, a much shorter datalog can be used to help diagnose the problem.

Once the logs are created they are to be emailed to Affordable Fuel Injection for analysis.

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To collect a datalog you need a laptop with the program WinALDL loaded from the DVD included with the kit and the USB cable. WinALDL is shareware that can also be downloaded from their web site. The USB cable plugs into the connector port from the ECM. In order to set up the software you the service number printed on your ECM.  Most TBI systems in use since 2008 are #01228062, but check your service tag to make sure you use the correct number.

Datalog preferences:
When creating a comprehensive datalog it’s best to record info when the engine is in as many different states as possible. A useful indicator that shows your progress is to click on “BLM” when making a run. Pull the fuse to reset the ECM or disconnect a battery cable before beginning a Datalog run if you have changed a chip or made major changes. In WinALDL you still need to select “Datalogger” and click “Start”. The BLM matrix should be blank when you begin and as you drive numbers will start populating the cells after they have been hit a few times. You will find that the cells at the mid section fill first. By varying the gear selection and throttle position most cells will eventually fill. You do not need to populate every cell and some may never get hit in your style driving anyway. Once you are satisfied that most cells are populated, stop the datalog and save the BLM data by hitting “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Select the Configuration button and 2nd window will open.

In this window you will select the ECM Type, the Laptop Com Port that is being used for the connection and the Baud rate of 4800. MAKE SURE you set the Baud rate to 4800 and have the correct ECM type. You should check the ECM Service Tag for the correct number. Hit the Exit button in the Configuration window.

The ECM Type you selected will show up in the window header (red arrow). Now select the Datalogger button.

Check the Sensor Data box and hit the Start button. If your Com Port and ECM type are correct, you should see the highlighted green are begin to fill with data that updates every few seconds. Now it’s time to go for a 20 – 30 minute drive both around town in stop and go traffic and on the highway. The program keeps a running time log that gets updated every few seconds, so if you encounter any performance problems (stumble, miss, backfire, RPM/Idle problems) make a note of where you are into the session i.e. 6 minutes & 35 seconds it missed. This info, along with the datalog gives AFI enough information to make adjustments to the memory chip controlling your engine.

When you’re done with your ride, you need to save two (2) files. DO NOT exit the software until they are saved! The first file to save is the BLM file so hit the the BLM button highlighted in green. Ignore the yellow INT tab…..

Next you select the BLM button and again the Save Table button to save the BLM file. The last thing you so is hit the Exit button. This will automatically save the Data Log and it will close the program.

You should have created Log file and a BLM file named something like: 20090607_21208_LOG.txt, 2009_21213_BLM.txt. They are usually saved in the same folder on your laptop where WinALDL was installed e.g. C:\ProgramFiles\WinALDL

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