Carb Adapters with Instructional Video

Depending on the kit ordered, you will have one, two or three carb adapters to install which includes the adapters, “O” rings for the injectors, fuel line barb and screws.

Carb Adapters

Next up is removal of the carb domes which is pretty straight forward. Just unscrew the damper, remove 4 screws and the cover lift right off. Judging the by size of the spring underneath it should “pop” right off.

Cover off reveals Spring

Carb Housing Off

Spring lifts right of

The Piston lifts out

All Removed…Time to add the adapters.

Sitting place and needing the injectors installed.

Here’s the injector installation page……more

One last thing I did was to drain all the fuel from the bowls by prying off the plug that’s fitted to the bottom of the carb bowl. It comes off, gas flows out and it pushes back on….maybe with a little help from a rubber mallet.

Pry this out to drain the fuel from the carb bowls.

Float Bowl Plug

You’ll need some 1/4″ emission plugs to cover the old fuel inlets on the 2 carbs.

CarbInlet Capped

Special tools: timing light and synchronizer- The installation can be done using common hand tools and a powerdrill but to set timing you will need a timing light and to sync the air flow between multiple carbs you will need some sort of synchronizer such as a Unisyn. Syncing is something that most likely will only be done once in years so you may wish to look into doing it with a hose by listening to the carbs. That procedure can be found on the Internet.

Here’s a short video showing how easy it is to remove everything in preparation for the adapters.

Rick Patton installing the carb adapters.