Hardtop "Dress" Plates

This is one of those parts that should have been included with every hardtop or surrey top purchase: A “dress” plate to cover the visible bolt holes for the convertible top frame bracket.

To address this issue I’ve designed a decorative blanking plate to cover the empty holes. This plate is 3/16″ thick and is made out of 5052 aluminum in a brushed finish with countersunk holes. You can leave the finish brushed but it’s also suitable for clear coating, powder coating, paint or chrome.

Here it is installed on a car with a hard top in place. You can see how perfectly it aligns with the hard top bracket.

BL Plate 1

This shows how the hard top bracket fits in to the notch in the blanking plate.

BL Plate 3

This is what it normally looks like. When the Hard Top is installed the mounting bracket only utilizes one of the three holes, leaving the other two exposed. I think the Hard Top Plate dresses up the installation nicely.

HT Bracket 1

Hardtop “Dress” Plates

The cost for a pair can be found in our online store here.