TR3, TR4 & TR4A Fan Eliminator Kit - Installation

The installation is very easy to do with the radiator removed but I’m told it can be done with the radiator still in place. Having the radiator removed will also make installation of the electric fan a lot easier.

Begin by removing the four bolts (1/2” socket) which secure the fan to the fan extension/pedestal.

Here’s the view with the fan removed. In this view, the engine is out of the car for rebuild but the process is the same.

The six extension bolts are loosened with a 7/16” wrench. Be certain to place another open-end 7/16” wrench behind the pulley, to hold the head of each of the six bolts while loosening and removing the retaining nuts. Leave the six bolts in place.

Note: Access to each bolt is facilitated by using a 1-1/16” box wrench or socket, rotating the crankshaft bolt as needed to gain access.

The crankshaft bolt needs to be removed from the fan extension. Easiest method is using an impact wrench with a 1-1/16” socket. There are several other ways to keep the crank from turning while removing or torquing the center bolt. One way to stop the crank from turning is to put the transmission in high gear, let out the clutch while an assistant presses the brake pedal. If you have a properly working emergency brake it may hold if an assistant is unavailable. Another way is to stop the flywheel with a bar against one of the ring gear teeth. Once the bolt is removed the extension is free to be removed however it may take a couple of light sideways taps to pop it free.

You’re now the proud owner of some “extra parts.” Don’t lose them, however, as these items are No Longer Available and, in the event you or a subsequent owner want to go back to stock equipment, these will be vital parts to have!

Here’s what your pulley should now look like, ready to accept the Patton Machine Fan Eliminator kit components. Try rocking the pulley left and right to check for a worn key before continuing.

The fan eliminator plate is mounted with the main bolt provided in the kit, using a suitable ratchet wrench equipped with a 15/16” socket. Slide the plate onto the six bolts. Prepare the center bolt with the flat washer and lock washer provided. Tighten the center bolt finger tight. Suggest using Blue Locktite 242 on all fasteners.

Install the provided lock washers, flat washers, and acorn nut onto each of the six bolts, tighten to 10 ft.lbs (7/16” socket). Finally, tighten the center bolt (15/16” socket) to 70 ft. lbs although many use a 3/8” drive electric impact wrench. Apparently there is no published official torque spec for the center bolt.

Electric Fan

Don’t forget to install a good electric fan in a puller configuration behind your radiator. The fan should be sized so that it covers the width of your radiator.

NOTE: Keep in mind that clearance between the rear of the radiator and engine cross member is tight so size your fan purchase accordingly.

Here’s some links to sites that will help with the fan installation and wiring: