EBay Knock Off Fan Eliminator Kit

I don’t mind competition combined with innovation but the eBay seller has made no attempt to improve on my original design……….all he has done is to manufacture a poor copy of my design. Let’s compare the two:

My TR6 Fan Eliminator is on the left and the knock-off is on the right

Mine is made from high quality 6061 billeted Aluminum. Notice the extra machining I do to give a nice chamfered edge.

The dowel holes on mine are perfectly centered in the edge while the dowel holes in the knock-off are off center and over-sized.

I include a Grade 5 bolt, washer and lock nut. Grade 8 bolts are available for $5.00 more. The knock off uses cheaper quality hardware and doesn’t even include a lock nut for a component that is spinning at quite a high rate of speed as you cruise down the highway. Forget price and tell me which looks like the better product. I also include detailed installation instructions as proper installation and torque of the nut are critical. The answer is obvious and the price difference is slight. Buy the Original kit and you’ll buy with confidence.