Passion For British Cars

My passion for British cars coupled with my “gear head” mentality have resulted in a line of high quality machined products designed to improve a variety of classic cars. I have designed and machined adapters for side draft carburetors that provide the first step in bringing modern engine control electronics to cars of year’s past. The first three products developed are the Throttle Body Injector Kit, Trailing Arm Repair Kit and the Fan Eliminator Kit. Each product has a menu section where you can learn more about them. Check out the Fuel Injection links to discover how to add the dependability of fuel injection with increased gas mileage to your classic and the Fan Eliminator section to find a quick, easy and inexpensive way to increase horsepower without modifying your engine. The Trailing Arm Kit makes repairing the rear hub studs a simple task resulting in a far stronger stud threading point. ………Rick Patton

As I get more systems installed in cars, I find being written up in various magazines around the world!