Customer Cars

Below are just a few of the many customers who have either bought my complete kit, my carb adapters or my fan eliminator kit. If anyone with any of my components would like to send me a picture, I’d be glad to add it to the gallery.

Got to love an unsolicited comment from a customer:

Just a short note to recommend your TBI kit to anyone who is pondering the decision. After having the TBI kit professionally installed, the results are amazing.  If ROCK SOLID steady idle; great gas mileage, effortless starts in any temperature, and just plain wonderful reliability is desired, there is no other answer but a Patton TBI kit for a TR6. The Choke is now a thing of the past and never needed again!. The chip came “preprogrammed” and I never had to do a thing to it at all. Patton TBI – It just works! Thank you for taking the time to design the  perfect  kit for the TR6.”

I’d be proud to add a photo of your car to our ” Customer Cars page”. For that we use one beauty shot of the exterior and one shot of the engine bay. Just one of each. They are captioned with the Owners Name and the year make and model of the car. Click the button below to upload your photos.

OK…… the first car isn’t a TBI car but it is my custom supercharged 1975 TR6.

Rick Hood Open
Ricks Engine

The first TBI car is a 1971 TR6 that belongs to my good friend Aaron Cropley.

Aaron Bridge
Aaron Engine

My Web Site designer, Bob Danielson’s 1975 TR6 has one carb cover off and one on for display only.

Bob Car
Bob Engine

The first Tri-Carb conversion that’s up & running goes to Greg Lyall and his 1974 TR6.

Greg L4
Greg L4

David Kuykendall’s 1974 TR6. You can hardly tell it’s been converted.

Dave K Engine

Al Gary’s Tri-Carb TR6 complete with Fan Eliminator Kit. No TBI……yet!

Als Car
Al Engine

Dave Friedlander’s 1974 TR6  with adapters & injectors exposed.

Dave F Car
Dave F CC2

Tom Piasecki’s 1973 GT6 with the ECM mounted “High & Dry”.

Tom P Car

Mike Lunsford’s 1970 TR6 has been running on TBI since 2005.

Mike L TR6
Mike L Engine Bay

Australian, Andy Thompson’s ’73 TR 2500 Saloon – you must look closely to see it’s converted.

Andy Collage

Tapani Karhinen, from Finland, has off-road fun in his TBI converted Land Rover.

Tapani Engine

The Volvo C303!

volvo C303

The first TR4 conversion of ZS 175 Carbs belongs to Dean Tetterton.

Tetterton 3
Tetterton 2

Bob Dozier’s 260Z.

Calvin Allen’s conversion using MegaSquirt as the ECM.

Calvin Car

John Richards from the UK recently converted his Stag.

John Richards Stag

Two extremes: Jack Welsh’s 1 carb Midget on left & Mike Alexander’s tri-carb TR6 on the right.

Miget Jack Welch

Two more pictures of Mike’s TR6 with the tri-carb conversion.

Mike Tri Carb

John Pytel’s Stunning Car.


Wayne & Amy Lester’s concours winning 1974 TR6.

Wayne Amy 2

Steve Shepard’s AH 3000 BJ8 being restored and using TBI.

Steve S 1
Steve S 2

Don Johnson’s Stunning Spitfire.

Don Johnson
Don Johnson 2

Cec Draper’s MGB.

Draper 1
Draper 2

Bill Michael’s 1972 TR6 Tri-Carb TBI.

Bill M 2

All the way from Norway! Oystein Nordstronen’s AH3000 BJ8 with TBI and a Toyota 5 Speed!

AH Norway

George Haar’s 1971 Triumph Stag Mark 1 Picture & Video

Haar Stag

Andrew Jenning’s Datsun 510

Andrew Jennings 510
Andrew Jennings 510 Engine

Peter Butler’s TR250

Peter Butler's TR250
TR4 Engine

John Cronin’s TR6

John Cronin TR6
John Cronin Engine