Rick Patton

I have always loved anything mechanical. My first “motorcycle” was a 1952 Whizzer motor bike that arrived in three peach baskets……..assembly required! My last motorcycle was a 1975 Triumph Bonneville 750. Over the years I have owned an Austin Healey 3000, three MGB’s, a Spitfire, bulldozers, backhoes, various farm tractors, a combine, muscle cars, a Fiat Dino, and a bunch of nondescript cars and trucks. In warm weather we drive my heavily modified 1975 Triumph TR6 in which I have installed EFI and a supercharger……with many custom machined parts that I’ve made. I’m still tweaking it, but on its last dyno run, it made 175 HP at the rear wheels. The  current project is another “Peach Basket Special”, a 1974 TVR 2500M, completely disassembled and missing more bits than I expected! The new Rover V8 engine and 5 speed transmission are in, and have just finished building the new gas tank. It will be running early in summer of 2012.

I learned to TIG weld at a night course back in the ’70’s which got me started on “making stuff”. Now my home garage and basement is a car nut’s paradise………and the power company loves me too. A garage full of tools, welding equipment and a lift combined with a basement full of power tools and “machines” allows me to explore my entrepreneurial side. My machining skills are mostly self taught, gaining experience on a lathe at  work before purchasing a well used Bridgeport milling machine, a few other older machining tools and now a CNC milling machine.  I have set up a small shop in my basement and you can often find me there late at night and into the morning making parts and developing new products and ideas. 

I hope you enjoy the web site.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Email is the preferred method of communications but if you want to call, the best time is in the evenings and up to midnight east coast time.

………………………….Rick Patton

CNC Mill

Adapters are now made on this.

Metal Lathe

The Metal Lathe

Required for any metal turning.

Blast Cabinet


Horizontal Bandsaw


Hydraulic tubing bender


Punch Press


Bridgeport Milling Machine.

All-purpose mill.

Distributor Tester


Welders Compressor


Vertical Bandsaw



The mill doing CNC tapping.