Throttle Body Injection June 2004

The throttle body conversion is really coming together now. I have finally finished machining the conversion parts. Take a look at the photos. Looks stock? Notice anything different? That’s correct, the fickle Zenith side draft carbs have been converted to throttle bodies! Installing the throttle body adapters and the throttle position sensor only takes about an hour. More if you alter the old carb tops to mask the conversion.

This conversion is based on the rock solid GM throttle body set up that was stock on vehicles like the mid eighties S10 2.8 V6 or the GM cars with a 2.8 or 3.1 V6. The parts are common and readily available. Original TR6 throttle linkage and air filters remain unaltered. Improved gas milage, reliability, and a modest performance gain is expected.

I have countless hours invested machining the conversion inserts from 6061 aircraft aluminum. Each insert holds a GM style throttle body injector. Pressure testing of the injector insert has been completed. The insert will fit any Zenith Stromberg 175 CD carb whether used on a Truimph, MG, Jag, or whatever. Patent process has been started for the conversion of side draft carbs to throttle bodies not only for Zeniths but also SU carbs used on earlier cars.

My intention all along has been to supply these TBI inserts and some of the custom hardware for conversion. For the other bits I have formed an alliance with the very knowledgeable folks of whereas they will supply the electronics, some hardware, and software support. Before long they can supply a custom wiring harness and GM computer programmed to run the TR6. Check out: Within the next few weeks we expect to have a very complete package that will make conversion of a TR6 quick, easy, and affordable.

Throttle Body Injection

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