Throttle Body Injection August 2004

Time is running out and the pace has certainly picked up. We are trying to get a car running on a Throttle Body Injection system to take to the big British show in Stowe, Vermont next month.

While much of the work is done there are details yet to be completed. Last week an electric fuel pump was mounted and the fuel lines run. A pre filter as well as a final fuel filter have been installed. Not really sure if the prefilter is necessary but it affords extra protection to the pump. On my multi port system the prefilter became partially plugged soon after installation causing the pump to make a whinning sound as it starved for fuel. Starvation may be worse for the pump than a little dirt that gets caught on it’s intake screen. Perhaps the large volume of fuel circulated by the multiport pump, cycled all the dirt in the tank thru the filter. I don’t expect that to be the case with this system as the return line doesn’t run all the way back into the tank. These lines, filters and pump are installed alongside the original Triumph fuel system allowing Aaron to drive the car while the conversion progresses.

The harness from CustomEFIS has arrived and it is a professional piece. With an ECU and all the connectors already installed, wiring for the most part is plug and play. A huge time saver and done as it should be to boot!

A mounting plate has been fashioned for the ignition control. The module is a common GM style that will mount on a plate just to the rear of the ignition coil. The mount is designed to slip behind the original coil and be held with the same bolts. The aluminum plate will also serve as a heat sink for the module.

We have decided to stick with the low pressure GM style regulator that holds 9 to 13psi. At one time we explored running as much as 33psi however the tbi style injectors aren’t reliable over 30psi. Not to mention that at 33psi one of these injectors is capable of 210hp! A bracket will mount the regulator inside the right front fender.

Yet to be done this week is the idle air control (controls engine idle speed) mounting block. The present plan is to remotely mount it on the inside of the right front fender near the windshield washer reservoir. A small air line will run to each carb. Intake air for the IAC will either come from a tap on the air filter or a small replaceable air filter element. Right now I’m leaning toward the separate element.