Throttle Body Fuel Injection for the TR6 Project History

This is a project that I’ve been working on since November of 2003. Many have asked for a reasonably priced system that offers dependability, improved mileage, and a moderate performance gain. I think we have those bases covered. As the project comes together announcements will be posted to this site.

April 2004

The tbi project is coming along, slowly at first but now gaining speed. Generally speaking it is a tbi system based on the GM throttle body style injection as used on the 2.8 V6. The system is common to mid sized 80’s cars and small trucks using two injectors. It is very simple reliable system that will use much of the original Triumph hardware. Throttle linkage, manifolds, air cleaners, and even more remain intact. It is even possible to have the engine bay look nearly stock!

I expect the conversion to be absolutely reliable, economical, and give a slight performance boost. It can be rechipped if you want to play around with performance options. I have designed the system and will be building the tbi conversion hardware while another supplier furnishes the custom harness, sensors, ecu, pump, regulator, and most of the tech support.

I will have a car running on the system within the month. Keep an eye on this page for details.

For those of you who enjoy experimenting, I can supply just the tbi conversion hardware for around $400 and you can experiment with your own control and configuration. There are several aftermarket controllers that will operate this tbi set up.

An email mailing list for announcements has been started for those that have an interest. To get on the list send me an email with “TBI mailing list” as the subject. The list addresses will kept in confidence and not be shared with others.