TR6 Rockers

This old TR6 suffers from a common ailment, damaged rockers hidden behind the front fenders. This view is with the left front fender removed. In the upper right hand corner is the lower left hand door hinge. Not shown in the photo is a rubber hose that drains the heater plenum water into this closed area. All the moisture collected in the plenum is dumped into this semi sealed area. The rust hole on the rocker edge is directly below that drain hose. Also if you look closely you’ll see that the corner of the inner side panel, just above the rockers, is rusted away opening into the driver’s footwell.

The rockers are actually quite long, running from front fender well to rear fender well. The forward end is tucked behind the lower front fender and the rear most portion is hidden behind the rear fender. The rockers are tubes made up of three sections. The most obvious is the outer section seen below the doors. Hidden under the fuzzy door seal is the top edge where it is spot riveted to the inner rocker. The outer rocker’s bottom edge is spot welded to the lower edge of the floor panel. The inner rocker joins the outer rocker (under the fuzzy gasket) and makes a short radius downward and is then welded to the top of the floor pan. The outer edge of the floor pans make a 90 degree downward bend forming the back side of the rocker assembly. Hope that makes sense. Anyway the ends are capped with triangle shaped inserts as shown in this photo of the left side rocker front end.

The rust damage was most severe to the outer rockers. They were holded near the B post and at both ends, where they terminate in the fender wells. They were reduced to nothing more than a rusty scale. The forward end of the inner rockers were damaged with the ends missing at the junction of the forward kick panels. The inner rocker was rusted to a lessor degree at the junction of the B post. The floor pan flange was heavily rusted at it’s lowest edge.

As a subscriber to many of the TR6 discussion groups and the 6-Pack newsletter, it appears to me that my car is far rustier than most. Rustier than anyone in his right mind would deem wortwhile. For most TR6 rocker repairs, I think replacing just the outer rocker panel would usually suffice.