TR6 Rear Fender Rust

Rear fenders hide much of the damage rust can do to a TR6.

Inside the fenders there are no wheel wells to contain the dirt and water spray kicked up by the tires. The tires constantly feed the assault on the “B” posts. Water, dirt, or in my case, road salt, pile up behind the “B” post. To the rear there is nothing to slow the assault either. Built into the very back of the rear fenders is a box that houses the tail lights. This box is one off the first things to show rust on a TR6. Eventually rust will hole the box and you will find dirt and water in the trunk. When buying a TR6 look carefully at the back of the tail lights, if there is sand, the box within the fender is damaged. Rust first appeared on my rear fenders on the outside of the fender where the box is spot welded. The inner fender where the tailight box intersects was also holed by rust. 

The last picture shows the inside of the heavily damaged left rear fender with most of the box missing. The same fender has damage (and Bondo) along it’s inner upper edge where the trunk lids intersects.