TR6 Frame Repair

This isn’t the greatest photo but it should give you an idea about frame rust. In the center of the picture is a rusty plate called the upper cruciform plate. It joins the trailing arm supports to the maine frame rails. There is a nearly identical plate on the bottom of the frame. The bottom plate was the first frame section weakened by rust. I replaced it seven or eight years ago. To the left and right are the sections where the rear trailing arms attach. These sections rusted through and were patched with “fish plates” years ago too. At the time of this photo they were still serviceable but why not replace them now as there may never be a better time.

The white paint ahead ahead of the trailing arm sections was done so I could make reference marks to locate the new frame members. The angle iron is clamped exactly parallel to the old section.

TR6 frame rust isn’t limited to these sections. The rear frame horns are often weakend by rust. Fortunately only the trailing arm sections required replacement. I say only, but it is a pretty intense repair.