TR6 Floor Repair

Carpets sure can cover a multitude of sins! Peeling them back revealed serious rust problems. This photo is the driver’s side floor looking forward. The blue in the photo is a blue tarp laying on the garage floor! Fred Flintstone would be right at home driving this car.

 Rust first appeared along the seam between the floor and the front kick panel. From underneath much of it was masked by the undercoating. The rust traveled along inside a layer of undercoat until it could no longer stay in place. It also appeared around the seat rails. By the time this rust was repaired not only the floor panels needed replacement but also the inner sills and the lower 3 or 4 inches of the front kick panels. All across the kick was damaged as was the section forming the lip for the transmission tunnel. The bolts thru the floor into the frame all were heavily rusted. Usually the floors are the first place for rust to rear it’s ugly head in a TR6. Before I’d buy another, I’d peel up the carpets and do a little poking around.