TR6 Fender Repair Complete

Well this is not quite “repaired” but rather replaced. The original fenders were so far gone there just wasn’t any sense to repair them. These replacement fenders were supplied by Moss Motors. For painting details see: Paint.


Once the car is reassembled, new brighter headlights will be installed. I’ve done a bit of research into standard sealed beam lights for the TR6. While there are some very high intensity (and high dollar) systems available, there are also low cost answers too.

The original TR6 sealed beam head light bulb is #6014. It is 60W low beam and 50W high beam. Putting out 32K and 25K candlepower respectively.

A brighter halogen bulb, #H6024 can be substituted. This bulb is 65W low and 40W high with 35K and 27K candlepower respectively.

Next is the H6024BL BriteLite sealed beam. This is a Xenon bulb with a low beam of 55W and a 65W high beam. I don’t know the candlepower however they claim 80% more light on the road than standard bulbs. “Brighter, whiter and more efficient than standard halogen lamps” The diagram on the box shows a wider beam than a standard halogen. These bulbs are about $13.99 at NAPA auto parts and are physically identical to the original units.

I plan to use these BriteLites in my 75. They do draw slightly more (10W which is about 1A) than the original bulbs. As part of the wiring upgrade to my car I plan to add a headlight relay.