TR6 TBI Distributor Installation

For throttle body fuel injection operation it is necessary to convert the point style distributor to an electronic unit. These instruction cover an original TR6 distributor converted by CustomEFIS to electronic operation.

The control module mounts as shown with two small screws. Between the module and the mounting plate a light coat of Dielectric grease should be applied. At this time you should make note of the letters stamped on the connectors in the upper right and lower left corners. The upper right is marked “P” and “N”. The lower left marked “12V” and “+C”.

To mount the module and it’s heat sink, remove the two bolts holding the ignition coil in place and slip the new plate behind as shown. Replace the two bolts and tighen.

From the distributor are two small wires that connect to the little male pins on the upper right of the module. The little black wire to the “P” and the orange to the “N”. The red single wire in the new harness is conneted to the pin marked “12V” on the lower left connector. The yellow coil wire is connected from the “-” of the coil to the terminal marked “+C”. For the time being leave the four pin connector from the new harness off.

Setting the timing while still running on carbs:

You can run the car using the electronic distributor while still running on carburators. To set the timing make the connections to the module as shown above, leaving the four pin connetor off. Loosen the distributor locking clamp so it can be rotated with a little bit of friction. Position the distributor approximatly in the same position as it was before conversion. Cap and plug wires installed as originally. Connect a timing light to “1” spark plug. Be careful as the engine is able to start when cranking in this condition. Matter of fact once the timing is set it will run nicely on the carbs. While cranking the engine on the starter or at idle, set the timing to 14 degrees before top dead center. Lock the distributor down. The ignition is now operting in the “limp home” mode as the timing is completely controled by the module. If the ECM is installed and powered, connection of the four pin connector to the module will allow the ECM to control timing even though the injection system has not yet been installed.

Setting the timing when running fuel injection:

If the engine has been running with the converted distributor on carburators it requires no further adjustment. Much the same as “Setting the timing while still running on carbs” but you will set the timing while the engine is spun over by the starter. Leave the four pin connector off until the timing is set to 14 degrees BTDC by rotating the distributor. To prevent the engine from starting you can pull the two fuel injection connectors or the fuse to the fuel pump.

To complete the distributor installation, connect the four pin connector to the harness from the ECM. Providing the ECM is connected to it’s sensors and powered up, you are now running a programmable computer controlled electronic ignition system! With a timing light you can check timing at various RPM’s. IMPORTANT: When driving if you hear pinging the timing is probably too far advanced, drop it back a couple of degrees. Excessive pinging can damage the engine. From this point on the timing should not require further adjustment and, unless someone is really looking, the conversion is really hard to spot. All done, easy as that.