News, June 2004

My computer has been down for a couple of weeks so a laptop used to tune the multiport system has been filling in. More updates coming soon once the regular computer returns.

Fuel injection conversions are still continuing along two fronts; the high tech multiport system and the more practical throttle body system. My car is up and running the multiport system and soon Aaron Cropley’s TR6 will be sporting the throttle body conversion.

Throttle Body Injection Conversion

The big story is that the throttle body fuel injection conversion machine work is done! If I must say so myself, I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the results! Not to mention that the TR6 will run better than ever, get better mileage, be dependable, and the conversion is almost invisible. The engine bay looks nearly stock.

The expectation is to have a car running this system within the next month. Have I mentioned that this system will work with any Zenith Stromberg CD175 equipped car? Oh ya! For the latest see: June 04

On going Multiport Fuel Injection

May 11, 2004

On the other fuel injection front, the multi port TEC3 system, there has also been some progress with the car now running full sequential injection. Check out the neat little cam sensor allowing the system to be updated to sequential. See: cam sensor

On a down note, I have to finally admit that the intake manifold design is flawed. There is just no way to balance fuel flow to each cylinder. As it now stands the front cylinders run lean while the rear run rich. My hope was that by running a sequential system, cylinders could be trimmed to balance the flow. Even with the ability to alter injector pulse times by 15% plus or minus (it allows a whopping trim of a 30% between high and low cylinders!) no go. The injectors need to be moved onto the runners, no question about it. The injectors have been moved but the updated version is not quite done yet. The picture below shows test fitting a set of injectors to the reworked manifold.

Update May 30, 2004

As you can see from the photos, the injectors have been moved and the manifold reinstalled. Very pleased to say that the injectors are now flowing much more evenly. Because of the change more tuning is required especially the area of hard acceleration which is now running rich. Evenly, but rich. Anyway this Memorial Day weekend will be spent fine tuning and I expect to have things very well sorted out within the day.