Cam Sensor

April 2004. This is the new cam sensor that will enable full sequential multiport fuel injection operation. Now if it looks vaguely familiar that’s because it started life as a standard TR6 distributor. Since switching to distributorless ignition last year, the distributor’s only function has been to drive the mechanical tach. The plug wires in the photos come from the coil packs mounted on the left inner fender. Cut down in the lathe to the absolute minimum it now serves as both a tach drive and cam sensor. Welded to the top of the original shaft is a short section of key stock (actually an old broken easy out) that signals the computer when number one cylinder is coming up on compression. The 3/8” diameter mag pick up is from Electromotive at a cost of about $50. Cutting it down not only cleans up the engine bay, it also makes room to shoe horn a supercharger on the left side of the engine.

You may notice that the fuel pump is missing and has been replaced by a block off plate and a hose fitting. The car now runs on a high pressure electric fuel pump, required for fuel injection, and the fitting is the oil drain from Richard Goode’s air/oil seperator mounted on the right inner fender.